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Air Purifier: Ambient Air Filter

HEPA Car Mounted Air Filter

Modular Device to be install on roof of vehicle and can be dismounted within few seconds.
Test of filter in 100 km run:
AQI: 250
PM10: 400ug/m3
Area of Filter: 0.15 m2
PM10 Captured : 4.8 gram
Cleaned air (Volume) : 12000 m3


By Buying and installing this air filter on your vehicle you are our superhero Shudhvayu Rakhshak. Congratulations that you have decided to be the change and not just sit back and not do anything about it.

Pollution is only 1% of the problem, 99% of the problem is our ignorance to accept it as a deadly invisible Killer.
Amar Choudhary
Mission Head


Zero Energy

Uses Kinetic Energy of your car, no external power source required.

Low Maintenance

Main filter needs to be replaced after 5000 kms . Pre- filters can be simply washed.

Easy to Manage

It weights 2.5 Kgs only and Can be installed and dismantled easily.

Cleaner Air

Can Potentially remove tons of carbon from the air if used regularly.