ShudhVayu Ambient Air Filter



Product Description

Each Filter has total length adjustment of 300mm – 400mm to fit on different intermediate size of roof top.

ShudhVayu Filter has 3 Different layers:

  1. Dust filtration layer: 5 different pore size fiber and dust filtration foam layer is washable layer. It’s function is to stop dust to reach HEPA.
  2. Pre Filter: This filter is to capture particulated pollutant more than >10 microns.
  3. HEPA Filter: Our Pending Patent collapsible HEPA filter can filter upto  3 microns.
  4. Aluminium Mesh is covered in front and back.

ShudhVayu Filter Frame:

  1. Detachable Filter framework, without any change in original shape and without any permanent fitting.
  2. Installation of Filter is supported by mechanical advantage i.e people will be able to install with much lesser force on the roof top themselves.
  3. Easy maintenance of filter by opening filter at one end.
  4. PVC plastic Frame to help it take the shape of roof top.

ShudhVayu innovation has been certified by DSIR recognised lab  of  Accuster Technologies Pvt Ltd.