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Covid-19 sanibox is must for all industrial units that are providing their services in dangerous virus situation. COVID-19 sanibox will perform UV Sterilization of inside items using high-purity UV lamp which emits appropriate intensity of ultraviolet rays that kills 99.99% bacteria and pathogens in 12 minutes.
1 12 minutes disinfection time Sterilize and kills 99.99% pathogens
2 Reflective material inside the box can reflect UV light which doubles the Sterilization efficiency.
3 UV lamp will auto-off on opening lid this provides safety against harmful UV rays for human.
4 Light weight easy to carry Foldable and portable box.
5 Outer Dimensions: 59cm*39cm*27cm
Inner Dimensions: 56cm*36cm*24cm
Fold Dimensions: 59cm*39cm*2.9cm