Well, YOU are the key to unlock the potential of the proposed Shudhvayu innovation. We must unite to fight the menace of air pollution causing damage to health, wealth and dignity of our nation affecting the individual lives of all age groups adversely

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It’s a latest initiative of Swasthgram which has started in Feb’ 18 following a 2 years of extensive research for the noble cause of controlling air pollution and ensuring India’s Health.

Shudhvayu strives to provide solutions to overcome challenges posed by rising air pollution. We are working to provide smart and affordable air purification solutions for both ambient air and indoor air.

Our R&D center is nationalized laboratory recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology. Pilot Experiments have been successful where 4 gram PM10 particles were absorbed in the run of 100 km area at 250 AQI which means 1 car is cleaning area of 10000m. Henceforth, if we install this Shudhvayu filter on all moving vehicles on road in Delhi (approx 50 lacks), we can clean 20 ton carbon in a single day which makes air of Delhi as healthy as equivalent to any other developed international city.



  • Can be installed & dismantled easily
  • Low weight : About 2.5 kg
  • Has to simply affix on the roof of the car – Scratch proof fully & does not affect mileage of the vehicle.
  • Does not use any power source, taps kinetic energy of moving air on the car top.
  • Main filter needs to be replaced after 5000km & Pre- filters need to be simply washed.Entire process will be handled at petrol pump which takes less  than 2 minutes.

Out come of the Experiment with 100 km run of the Car
Pollutant Captured Filter Amount Result
Particle(>10) Front washable filter 10gm Particle above 50 microns
Particle(<10) Replaceable filter 4gm Particle above 50 microns

Ambient filter cleaning air

AQI vs PM level