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clean air for the future of mankind

"आओ करें देश तैयार, शुध्दवायु सबका अधिकार"

vision for the future

Why We Need to Act now

Against common believe of air pollution causing only respiratory related issue, actually air pollution causes 36% heart diseases.

Are we doing sufficient by installing air purifier in home if we are allowing polluted air to seep into our home? Why are we not solving root cause and clear the polluted air with community efforts.


We are on a mission to keep the air of our beautiful country clean and pollution free.


We have a vision that one day each Vehicle Cleans more air then it produces while on road.


Our R&D center is nationalized laboratory recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.

You can be the Change

Here Are Some Ways You Can Get Involved.


Be a Shudhvayu Rakshak and Install Our Lite Weight Modular Filter on Your Car. It is light weight and gets installed in seconds.


Be the Voice of Shudhvayu. Register Your WhatsApp Number with us and Share our weekly content in your groups and contacts.


Become a ShudhVayu Samarthak and Donate Money for the cause and Help us install air filters on more vehicles.

Research Based


It’s a latest initiative of Swasthgram which has started in Feb’ 18 following a 2 years of extensive research for the noble cause of controlling air pollution and ensuring India’s Health. Shudhvayu strives to provide solutions to overcome challenges posed by rising air pollution. We are working to provide smart and affordable air purification solutions for both ambient air and indoor air.

Our R&D center is nationalized laboratory recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology. Pilot Experiments have been successful where 4 gram PM10 particles were absorbed in the run of 100 km area at 250 AQI which means 1 car is cleaning area of 10000m. Henceforth, if we install this Shudhvayu filter on all moving vehicles on road in Delhi (approx 50 lacks), we can clean 20 ton carbon in a single day which makes air of Delhi as healthy as equivalent to any other developed international city.


Pollution is only 1% of the problem, 99% of the problem is our ignorance to accept it as a deadly invisible Killer.
Amar Choudhary
Mission Head


Zero Energy

Uses Kinetic Energy of your car, no external power source required.

Low Maintenance

Main filter needs to be replaced after 5000 kms . Pre- filters can be simply washed.

Easy to Manage

It weights 2.5 Kgs only and Can be installed and dismantled easily

Cleaner Air

Can Potentially remove tons of carbon from the air if used regularly.

Out come of the Experiment with 100 km run of the Car

Join the mission

installation & protect the environment

Get in touch with us to know more about the mission and get involved.

Shri Shusheel Kumar(Olympic Medallist) Supports ShudhVayu Mission.